Frequently asked questions about HeartMyBlog

What is What is a ranked directory?

HeartMyBlog is a ranked directory over successful and inspiring blogs from the Netherlands. All featured blogs are ordered by theme such as beauty blogs, food blogs, travel blogs and so on. This ensures that visitors can easily find the kinds of blogs that they are interested in. Furthermore, visitors can use the search function to find all blogs that match a specific keyword.

The reason we call HeartMyBlog a ranked directory is because visitors can vote for their favourite blogs. The more votes a blog gets, the higher up on the directory it will appear. This means that the most popular blogs get the most visibility on our page. Votes are graphically represented as hearts – hence the name HeartMyBlog!

All included blogs on HeartMyBlog are manually reviewed before they are published. We do this to make sure only current and high-quality blogs are featured in the directory. At the same time we check that blogs are submitted within the correct category.


How many times can I vote? How do you prevent cheating?

Each visitor can vote only one time per blog per month. You can, however, vote for as many blogs as you wish. This means that you do not have to make a hard decision if you have, say, two or three favourite bloggers. On the 1st of each each month visitor vote count will be reset. This means that you can vote for your favorite blog(s) again. You can of course still only vote one time per blog. This does NOT mean that the total number of votes for the blogs is reset, it simply means that the system gives you a new chance to vote each month!

The way that we prevent cheating is by making sure that each visitor can only vote one time per month for a specific blog. This is based on different factors, for example IP-address, cookies and network. Because the system looks at a variety of factors, it makes it very difficult to cheat with votes. Read more about cookies here  and privacy here.


I am a blogger, how do I sign up? And what are the requirements?

We would love to include your blog in the directory. It is completely free and you can sign up here.

Once you have signed up we will manually review your blog and contact you with the final decision. Don’t worry most blogs will be accepted as long as they show recent and regular activity and do not contain offensive content. At the same time you should bear in mind that this is a Dutch blog directory so we mainly focus on bloggers that are associated with the Netherlands.


Why should I sign up? What are the benefits?

By signing up you will give your blog added visibility, which can lead to increased visitor numbers. It can be hard for readers to find your blog if you are not included in directories and blogger communities. On HeartMyBlog we want to promote all our featured bloggers as best we can. We do this by creating clear and ranked lists of blogs for popular blogging categories. As well as creating a personal page for each blogger where readers can read a short description about your blog and find a direct link to your blog. We also promote bloggers via our social media channels.

Furthermore we work hard on creating an active and engaging community. We do this by having monthly “awards” for the bloggers with the highest number of votes within each of our blog categories. If you are in the top 3 for a particular month you can expect to receive a prize, usually in the form of a gift card, as well as extra promotion of your blog.

As our community evolves we will work on creating an even more exciting community for our bloggers. We want to create a forum where you can interact with fellow bloggers. We also want to create a venue where companies and bloggers can interact with one another and create business cooperations.


Is it free to sign up?

It is completely free to sign up. You can sign up here.


How can I get more votes?

When you sign up we will forward some “vote for me” badges to you. You can then choose which one you prefer on your blog. This badge will include a link to your personal page where visitors can vote for you directly. You may prefer a simple text link to your personal page or to the ranked directory itself.

How do I vote?

It is really simple and quick to vote. You can either vote for your favourite blog(s) directly on the top list or on the blogger’s personal page. When you click the red vote button you will see that your vote will be added immediately to the total number of votes.


Can I join if my blog does not fit within any of the current categories?

Please check the current categories and consider if your blog could fit in anywhere. If you cannot see a category that is suitable please send us an email and we will keep a note of your blog. If we can find enough bloggers within the same category we will create a new category and contact you!


How can I contact you?

If we did not answer your question above you are welcome to contact us via email. Please write us an email on