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Having the burning desire is one of the qualities that make a travel blogger effective in delivering his or her ideas to the readers. Each adventure is a reminder of each blessing and gives inspiration to strive and work hard in life. Travel blogs makes us push ourselves to come out of our comfort zones and explore the beauty of the world.

Mindanaoan – From Mindanao to the world 1

by Maria Irene Aserios
Total votes: 11

Multi-awarded lifestyle and travel blog by a child of Mindanao who happens to be a frequent traveler, social media specialist, newspaper columnist and publicist.

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Yogo and Cream 2

by Lloyd and Me-An
Total votes: 5

Yogo and Cream are the terms of endearment of a couple who loves food, travel, and etc. After building credibility as food bloggers, they are aiming to focus more on travel and also share the culture of the place through food. It is their aim to inspire their readers to eat more and travel more because we only have one life to live.

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by Dan Punzalan
Total votes: 2 is full of sophistication. Dan Punzalan takes the readers to the best hotels and enjoy the finest cuisines around the Philippines and Asia. His blog is very personal to him and believes that it is a necessity to travel in order to discover oneself.

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Kwento Ni Toto 4

by Marco Polo Demo
Total votes: 2

Kwento Ni Toto is a blog infused with travel, food, events, entertainment and other fun stuff that interest me. Toto provides stories that people can read and get information too. Most particularly with the travel and food section.

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Suroy Pilipinas 5

by Earl
Total votes: 2

Travel tales, outdoor adventures and trail stories infused with tips, photographs and other useful information from a Bukidnon-based blogger.

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TuklaserangMatipid 6

by Jess & Eric
Total votes: 1 covers cultures, events and places that every backpacker would want to visit. Jess and Eric, the couple behind, have received numerous awards for their vivid stories and amazing photos featured in their blog. The photos shared are all impeccable and breathtaking. Each story transports every reader to different places and introduce to different adventures.

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by Riz
Total votes: 1

Riz is an expat based in Malaysia who shares with us fantastic images of her different travel destinations. The blog is complete with travel tips and hotel reviews that is very useful for future travelers. She clearly represents female solo travelers everywhere, fun and adventurous. The blog covers popular spots as well as luxury hotels around the world.

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The Thrifty Wanderer 8

by Hazel Gicole
Total votes: 1

The records of all my thrifty travels and adventures with family and friends around the Philippines and hopefully around the world. Join me on my quest to discover and appreciate the world and its wonders…

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Dream Euro Trip 9

by DJ Yabis
Total votes: 1

Dream Euro Trip is a travel blog about stylish adventures in Europe and around the world. DJ Yabis has been on the road since 2008 and has lived in Sweden, Poland, Germany and the Philippines (his home country).

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A Wanderful Sole 10

by Keza
Total votes: 1

A blog by a blabbermouth with an irresistible thirst for adventure and new discoveries and a knack for weaving words into great stories of epic travels.

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Lakbay Diwa 11

by Ralph
Total votes: 1

Adventure is out there. Travel changes you.

Ralph “Rap” was born and raised in the Philippines. An I.T. by Profession. An Investor. A Business Minded. An Introvert. A Photography Enthusiast. A Travel and Personal Finance Blogger (​Lakbay Diwa and ​Kuripot Pinoy). A Traveler. An Adventurous. A Mountain Hiker. A Dreamer.

Currently works his way towards time and financial freedom.

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Wandering Ella 12

by Janine Ella Anongos
Total votes: 0

Wandering Ella is a small web space sharing must-visit places, must-try food spots, travel destination ideas, tips and resources, and random stories from the road.

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Vacation Checklist 13

by Katherine Trigo
Total votes: 0

Travel Diary. Cheap packages and amazing stories.

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Solo Traveller 14

by Faizal Fredley
Total votes: 0

Traveling had become extremely accessible due to the availability of low cost airfares and cheap bed & breakfast options. The world has never been more connected. While traveling may still seem like a far reach to some, Faizal Fredley has achieved the ultimate travel dreams and brought the world closer. Whether you are looking for travel inspirations, or simply to be mesmerised with the beauty of the world, Faizal has something for everyone.

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Dose of Life 15

by shayan Naveed
Total votes: 0

Dose of Life is a brainchild of Kanika and Shayan. A married couple who met in Bangkok and started blogging to journal their travels and everyday experiences. The blog also covers lifestyle events and food and drinks. Expect a lot of music festivals, pool parties, places to eat and things to see from around the world – but mostly around Thailand.

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