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Life is huge, complicated, and can often be a mess. This leads a lot of people to seek out help in many areas of life, which these lifestyle blogs can provide. Naturally, you can’t expect any of these blogs to go too deep in the existential stuff. However, if you are looking for new things to do, places to visit, or foods to eat, these blogs can provide you with exactly what you need.

Ini Adalah Bellarina Natasya 1

by Bella Jamal
Total votes: 50

As a lifestyle blogger, I write about anything. I blog about any that capture my interest including event, food, recipes, beauty, travel, and pet. Love to share with the audience with relevant contents and various resource information, most of which are food recipes!

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The Journey of My Life 2

by Betty Liew
Total votes: 26

I am lifestyle blogger. Basically I blog more regarding food, beauty, travel, event. Starting explore parenting topic.

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NOVA LEEZA || Lifestyle Blogger Malaysia 3

by Nova Leeza
Total votes: 23

This blog serves as a window for women who wanted to look and feel good. Read honest reviews about the latest beauty products available in the market today. The author gives detailed information and instructions on how-to’s for each product. If you are a beauty junkie, this website is for you.

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by JL Aquino
Total votes: 14 is a lifestyle blog own by JL Santiago Aquino, a social media manager from Caloocan City. This blog is a National Finalist for Best Lifestyle Blog at the Philippine Blog Awards and one of the “Top 100 Philippines Blogs And Websites” of FeedSpot.

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Dose of Life 5

by Kanika & Shayan
Total votes: 5

A lifestyle blog brought to you by Kanika and Shayan. Here we share everything from our travel experiences to music festivals we attend and things we eat along the way.

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Willexplorephilippines 6

by Will Garcia
Total votes: 4

As one of the most popular destinations around, provides readers with a look into the face of the Philippines that travelers will definitely find interesting. Many of them have to do hotspots, but there are also plenty of everyday topics that will help those who visit the country be better able to cope.

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The Visual Traveler 7

by Margaux Camaya
Total votes: 3

If you are at all interested in getting to see exactly what you are in for when traveling, is definitely for you. It’s an incredible resource with lots of wonderful contents and images to share.

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Sew much more than stitcheries 8

by Nena
Total votes: 3

I used to blog via google blog spot, mostly about my hobbies such as cross stitching and sewing and a bit about my travel experience and life here in Belgium where I live right now. I moved to WP 2 years ago and continue blogging in the same theme. Lately I realize that some time there is nothing much to say about stitching alone so I decided to incorporate my other lifestyle blog. I purchase my own domain very recently and I am planning to blog more about Belgium’s life and culture and the importance of having a hobby when living abroad. that is why my title is sew much more than stitcheries.

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Love Life SInce 86 9

by Love Life Since 86
Total votes: 3

Andie is an independent woman. She cherishes her freedom since that is the way that her parents raised her. Seven years have gone into discovering the realization of her personal and career goals. While pursuing her goals, she created this blog site to hone her English writing skills and to share some of her experiences with you and the rest of the viewers.

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The Beautiful Lifestyle 10

by Esther Lackie
Total votes: 3

The Beautiful Lifestyle is a go-to online platform for beauty lovers, travel enthusiasts, food lovers and above all aesthetics rock stars. The site has quickly transformed into a collective for people looking to live The Beautiful Lifestyle from around the world. As most would assume, The Beautiful Lifestyle is not all about women and beauty; there’s a little something for men who choose to live the beautiful lifestyle as well.

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RainbowDiaries 11

by Shub B
Total votes: 3

Singapore’s Top Family and Lifestyle Blog where you can read about Kids activities, Beauty, Food and Gadgets reviews, relationships and so on.

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The Hype Traveler 12

by Darwin Lau
Total votes: 2

The Hype Traveler is my blog that I’ve created in 2017. It’s a blog that focuses mainly on Travel, Food and some other Lifestyle-related topics (e.g. upcoming concerts, new technology products etc).

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Singapore Lifestyle and Digital Blogazine 13

by Melvin
Total votes: 2

A Winsome Life is a Singapore-based Lifestyle Blogazine where Melvin and Jacqueline share their innate thoughts and opinions on lifestyle-related topics such as Cars, Food, Travel, and Entertainment.

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