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Life is huge, complicated, and can often be a mess. This leads a lot of people to seek out help in many areas of life, which these lifestyle blogs can provide. Naturally, you can’t expect any of these blogs to go too deep in the existential stuff. However, if you are looking for new things to do, places to visit, or foods to eat, these blogs can provide you with exactly what you need.

The Visual Traveler 1

by Margaux Camaya
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If you are at all interested in getting to see exactly what you are in for when traveling, is definitely for you. It’s an incredible resource with lots of wonderful contents and images to share.

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Willexplorephilippines 2

by Will Garcia
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As one of the most popular destinations around, provides readers with a look into the face of the Philippines that travelers will definitely find interesting. Many of them have to do hotspots, but there are also plenty of everyday topics that will help those who visit the country be better able to cope.

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Dose of Life 3

by Kanika & Shayan
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A lifestyle blog brought to you by Kanika and Shayan. Here we share everything from our travel experiences to music festivals we attend and things we eat along the way.

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