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Inspiring recipes, colorful pictures of food and cooking tips with a personal twist – bloggers slowly take over the traditional cookbooks! Here you will find a list of some of the most amazing food blogs. But before you storm into the kitchen, do not forget to vote for your favorite blog. You can vote on multiple blogs, but choose wisely the votes determine the ranking of the list.

The Hungry Employee 1

by Jhoanna Mae S. Agustin
Total votes: 33

Reports, meetings, presentations…so many things to do yet so little time. So what do I do to de-stress myself? I EAT!

I can probably relate to a million people out there who are stress eaters. For me, it’s the simple joy of biting to a cookie and having it melt your problems for a minute or two. Food is not just about nourishing your body but also giving you that lil smile on your face and making you feel good.

In my opinion, eating is an adventure. May it be a few steps to the next building to get a snack or crossing the street to have a sumptuous lunch, it’s those steps that we take that start the adventure. And I hope to share my adventure with you (yes…you who’s reading this right now 😀 ).

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Miss Table Napkin 2

by Paula Aromin
Total votes: 17

Saving table napkins one resto at a time.

MissTableNapkin is a 32 year old yuppie celebrating life, one meal at a time.
She has a knack for trying out new food places and new menus.
She has been collecting table napkins from various food places since she was a grade schooler.
She does not know how many table napkins she has in total. All she knows is she already filled up more than three super packed microwavable containers to keep her table napkins.

After years of collecting, it is only now that she thought of going further with her collection and her love for food. Thus the birth of this blog.

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Foodtrip 3

by JL Santiago
Total votes: 15

If you are into gastronomic experiences while browsing the web, might just whet your appetite. With crisp delivery on the latest food crazes and delectable developments, you are definitely looking at one of the more fascinating resources on the web.

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Delish PH 4

by Ren
Total votes: 8

A perfect place for those who wanted to learn the art of cooking. Delish PH provides tips and ideas how to cook easy, fast and healthy as well as other cooking stuff. Owned and managed by Ren, a simple lady from Iloilo City, Philippines who loves to cook and eat.

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Sand Under My Feet 5

Total votes: 4

I am a registered nurse by profession,
I love clothes, make-up and beauty products.
I love sewing and doing arts and crafts.
I love to DIY almost everything.
I love to eat.
I love to travel when time and finances permits it.
I love weddings and events.
I love the beach and the feel of sand under my feet.
I started my blog as a past-time to take my mind off from the routines of daily life and with the goal of relating to anyone by sharing my life experiences and things that I am deeply passionate about.

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Simpleng Luto 6

by Phil Briz
Total votes: 4

Simpleng Luto is more on Lutong Bahay recipes or cooked mostly by simple Filipino family on day-to-day living

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pinkislovebnix 7

by Nicole Faller
Total votes: 3

Currently working as Registered NURSE who loves sharing BEAUTY products I currently love, WHITENING tips and as well as FOOD experiences. A few times, I also share some tidbits of my LIFE and anything in between.

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Eats Yummy! 8

by Ian DM
Total votes: 2

A food blog that shares Filipino food recipes for home cooking. Features nearby restaurants we visited. Also aims to provide simple yet easy dinner ideas.

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Clari Says – FoodieViews + ReelViews 9

by Clari
Total votes: 2

Hello friends! Quick question! Are you a foodie or a cinephile? I ask because this blog features stories about food and film. Btw, my name is Clari and I am the main blogger. I work alongside my foodie friends to bring you wonderful food-related stories which you can find under FoodieViews. Besides this, I also write film and series reviews which you can find under ReelViews.

So, are you a foodie or a cinephile?

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by Mary
Total votes: 1

Marylove is a local food expert who writes about her dining experiences with much inspiration. Reading her blog make every reader go hungry. The pictures of every dish are drool worthy that you would want to run to the nearest restaurant or cook as quick as you can.

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A Not-So-Popular Kid 11

by Renz Kristofer Cheng
Total votes: 1

A blog that celebrates the delicious world of food and the stories entwined with them. The blog contains restaurant reviews and guides that will help foodies explore the food scene in Metro Manila.

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by Hana Abello
Total votes: 1

Food, beauty, and lifestyle as told by Hana

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Life in Technicolor 13

by Bettina Bacani
Total votes: 1

Life in Technicolor is a lifestyle blog owned by Bettina Bacani. The blog aims to showcase all the wonderful, beautiful, AND colorful things the world has to offer – whether it be through food, travel, or whatever else.

For a long while, Life in Technicolor was just another photo blog on Tumblr – until Bettina realized there was so much more she wanted to share. She wanted to write and tell her story; to talk about her experiences and her life as a twenty-something year old living in the Philippines. But more than that, she wants to share how she views the world through the photographs she takes.

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by Ochi
Total votes: 0

An absolutely amazing food blog, is a resource by food enthusiast Ochi, which presents some of the most enriching and mouthwatering contents you could ask for. She writes about her experiences eating out, keeping a diary about her food escapades such as her Yasuragi Japanese cuisine experience and her thoughts on bistros she has eaten at. If you are interested at all in food and where you can find some of the best ones in the Philippines, you’ll want to visit this website.

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