Top Beauty Blogs

Are you looking for a make-up tutorial? Or maybe an exciting new look? Check out this list and be inspired by some of the country’s best beauty bloggers. Do not forget to vote for your favorite blogger! You can also vote for more than one blog, but choose wisely as the votes determine the ranking of the list.

#1 Filipi Now

by Amanda Dela Cruz
Total votes: 119

Amanda is a 20-something former novelist who is now trying different beauty products because she wants to get married before 30.

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#2 Sweet Confessions

by Shy Bontigao
Total votes: 58

This blog aims to share reviews about budget beauty and affordable cosmetics and skincare to help Filipinas decide what is the right product to buy from themselves. Sometimes, I will also opt to share services, travels, and personal stuffs jn this blog just to break the ice.

Votes this month: 51 Visits: 214 Comments: 13 1 place since last month

#3 Little Cessang

by Princess Peralta
Total votes: 13

My name is Princess Peralta and I am currently working as a Graphic Designer and I love to blog about beauty and skincare.

Votes this month: 0 Visits: 80 Comments: 1 1 place since last month

#4 pinkislovebynix

by Nicole Faller
Total votes: 3

Currently working as Registered NURSE who loves sharing BEAUTY products I currently love, WHITENING tips and as well as FOOD experiences. A few times, I also share some tidbits of my LIFE and anything in between.

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#5 The Skincare Freak

by Hanna Pauline Nicolas
Total votes: 3

Feel free to tour my blog for all things I fancy: makeup, skin care, fashion, beauty, food, travel and everything in between. I love doing product reviews and basically share everything I know in life.

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by Keith
Total votes: 1

A rather interesting makeup website, is one of those resources that you have to visit if you are crazy about cosmetic products and trends. You’ll find that the author has filled the site with plenty of useful information to sink your pearly whites into and not ruin those perfect red lips in the process.

Votes this month: 1 Visits: 32 Comments: 0 1 place since last month

#7 The Practical Beauty

by Mea Pabiona
Total votes: 1

The Practical beauty is about tips and tricks for Modern Filipna. Mea Pabiona the blogger behind the website believe’s that one doesn’t have to break the bank to look beautiful – whether it be through makeup, proper skincare or dressing up in ones’s own style. The blog offers practical beauty, skincare, and fashion tips, mommy tips, a bit of traveling, a whole lot of inspiration, and more.

Votes this month: 0 Visits: 27 Comments: 0 1 place since last month