Top Beauty Blogs

Are you looking for a make-up tutorial? Or maybe an exciting new look? Check out this list and be inspired by some of the country’s best beauty bloggers. Do not forget to vote for your favorite blogger! You can also vote for more than one blog, but choose wisely as the votes determine the ranking of the list.

#1 pinkislovebynix

by Nicole Faller
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Currently working as Registered NURSE who loves sharing BEAUTY products I currently love, WHITENING tips and as well as FOOD experiences. A few times, I also share some tidbits of my LIFE and anything in between.

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#2 Lovingsunshine

by Kumiko Mae
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Nicole Faller is the person responsible for, which is a blog about beauty products. The site offers some frankly phenomenal content that certainly makes it easier to understand exactly how to care for one’s body and food tips , which makes Nicole more than worthy of being nominated by us.

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by Keith
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A rather interesting makeup website, is one of those resources that you have to visit if you are crazy about cosmetic products and trends. You’ll find that the author has filled the site with plenty of useful information to sink your pearly whites into and not ruin those perfect red lips in the process.

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